[AG-TECH] Digital DVR

John I. Quebedeaux, Jr johnq at lsu.edu
Thu Feb 21 11:14:30 CST 2008

I¹d think you¹d prerecord it with AGVCR and then reoutput just the streams
you want and audio you want to capture/record via some scan converter or
something. AGVCR will let you Œreplay¹ only the streams you want.

There is no way I know to directly record it to a single .avi, etc.
(consider you have multiple video streams, etc.)

-John Q.
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Do you want all of the cameras or just one cameraŠdo you want the other
people¹s cameras(far side), or just your room?
Adam Taylor
Computing Center
University of Louisiana Monroe

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Looking for a commercial grade DVR that will record my AG sessions. Want to
record to the hard drive via .avi or .wmv then be able to transfer to DVD.
All the consumer versions like Tivo are all full of recording ³off-air² and
full of TV Guide menus that I don¹t want or need.
Any suggestions? 
Jeffrey L. Miller
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