Douglas Kosovic douglask at itee.uq.edu.au
Tue Dec 16 01:52:04 CST 2008

Hi Gurcharan,

> >> Really? Wow. You mean I can get vic to do uncompressed HD just like
> >> that? I've spent months trying to get UltraGrid to work on Macs (I
> >> got it working on colleagues machines but not mine!). But the goal
> >> was always to integrate it with the AG later. If this could be done
> >> now..........hmmmmmm....that would be the answer I've been waiting
> >> for.
> >
> > MacOS X vic can grab uncompressed video frames from the Blackmagic
> > HDMI capture card and then encode using whatever codec is selected.
> >
> > For uncompressed HD transsmission, I modified vic to add OptIPortal
> > SAGE support but there were a number of overheads which resulted in
> > only 21fps at ~700Mbps.
> >
> > I wrote a simple stand-alone MacOS X SAGE application that was
> > achieving 25fps 1080i at ~930Mbps from a 25fps 1080i HDMI camcorder.
> >
> >> So, can somebody kind do this quickly and let me try it out? I
> >> eventually get someone to do this but it would be from scratch in
> >> terms of their experience with this software.
> >>
> >> If this works it would be so great and save so many hours of work
> for
> >> me.
> >
> > Did you want a modified MacOS X vic executable with 'large' set to
> > 1920x1080?
> oh yes, please. that would be a wonderful Xmas present!
> uncompressed HD in vic, yes. we can talk about compression later :-)

Sorry to disappoint, the uncompressed HD video modification I mentioned
in my previous email was for use with SAGE, you can't just use another
vic and receive the uncompressed HD stream.

Find a zip file in the URL below that contains a modified vic (for Intel
MacOS X) that uses 1920x1080 for large, it'll encode in whatever codec
is selected in vic:

Unfortunately this modified VIC when used with 1920x1080 seems pretty


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