[AG-TECH] Your feedback concerning the AccessGrid GUI

Thibault Daoulas thibault.daoulas at canterbury.ac.nz
Sun Dec 14 20:30:19 CST 2008

Hello to all of you,

	A couple of months ago I required your feedback with regards to the AG interface, I have had very relevant opinions and suggestions, but I realized my post did not reach this mailing list, which seems to be more used than the ag-dev list. So here is my previous post, for those who did not receive the mail. 

	I work at the HITLabNZ (Human Interface Technology Laboratory)in
Christchurch, New-Zealand http://www.hitlabnz.org on the AccessGrid
	I am currently working on its graphical user interface and my
aim is to make it more user-friendly, easy to use, but also flexible and
adapted to what kind of profile uses it (developer, student, average
person), and adapted its use (lectures, presentations, point-to-point
videoconferencing, etc.)
	And that is why you, as an AccessGrid viewer, user, or
developer, have a role to play. Indeed I would like to take a few
seconds or minutes of your time to write down your opinion about the
AccessGrid graphical use. Any comment and suggestion is warmly welcome
concerning everything around the AccessGrid use (VenueClient UI,
Audio/Video Tool, Options, etc.)
	Please send any idea to : thibault.daoulas at hitlabnz.org , each
one will be considered ! Thanks for your contribution to the AccessGrid

Best regards,

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