[AG-TECH] HD Capture Cards

Todd Zimmerman toddz at sfu.ca
Sat Aug 23 17:09:57 CDT 2008

Hey All,

Just looking for advice/experiences on HD capture cards - has anyone tested and/or is using such a

I know most are digital (blackmagic HDMI capture etc) but it appears there are some analog solutions
available (AJA Kona card) but that doesn't look cheap.  The Osprey 700e-HD looks interesting too.
I'm not sure if Linux drivers are completely out of the question for these and/or whether they'd
work with the adapted HD vic or not - that may be just asking for too much ;-)

Ultimately, I'd like to find a way to have multiple Sony EVI-HD1 cameras - switched and input into
one or more capture cards and into an HD H323 codec.  Whether we could go with the component out or
the HD-SDI out to a switcher is still unclear to me and would probably also depend on the codec we
chose for the H323 side (LifeSize, Sony, Tandberg...)

Anyway, just wondering if anyone is using any right now and have any experiences/thoughts they could
pass on.



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