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Just to add that the projects (there are two now) that use this are Edance and CREW. We are using a custom user interface i.e. not vic, because we found that vic doesn' t support firewire as well as it could -  it tends to work fine with H261AS codec so long as you set the size to large. If we tried anything else, it would come up with a fuzzy image, as if it assumed that the size was the size the codec supported (when it was more likely to be four times the size). One other issue is that if you have the frame rate at 25fps, vic will use lots of CPU (as does our own tool -  vic at least allows you to reduce the frame rate, something we have not yet implemented).

Optical zoom is usually very good (some up to 40x), and you can get MotorPod interfaces to allow pan and tilt (or a motorized tripod head). We haven' t tried pan and tilt so far -  we just go and point the camcorder (especially as you get a preview via the camcorder' s own screen).

Andrew J
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An AG related projecthere at Manchester uses 2 Sony Camcordersconnected toa dual port firewire PCMCIA card, plugged into a laptop. They're much cheaper than VC cameras with an equivalent optical quality. In fact, I think the optical zoom is even better with most camcorders. You'd have to use the IR remote controls to zoom though, and wouldn't get any tilt/pan control.


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What about a good high end Firewire video camera? I'm looking to put one on a Mac Pro? Any ideas 

-Doug B
On Aug 11, 2008, at 3:53 PM, Matthew Leszczenski wrote:

I have looked at the RAV 600, and that is more for a full room node, whereas this node is in a public space, so the table microphones would not work as well to pick up just the sound we want, compared to the ambient noise around it, and unfortunately the RAV 600 has its own proprietary connection for its microphones to the main system, so it cannot be expanded upon except with other ClearOne microphones directly made for the RAV systems. Thank you though!
Matthew Leszczenski
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Hi Matthew,
Check out the RAV 600:http://www.clearone.com/revolutionary-audio-conferencing.html.
Quang Tran
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Hello all,
One of my current projects is a public AG kiosk-like setup, in which people will be able to walk up to the node, choose a stream and start to talk directly with that stream. The area is about a 12'  X 12'  square area, with drop-tile ceiling, it will consist of 1x HD camera, 1x DV camera, 2x 52"  HD LCD TV' s, 1x high quality microphone, some sort of directional speakers, and an echo cancellation system. It seems that I would only need one microphone input for this project. However I have mostly worked with the ClearOne XAP400, which is a dual line-in echo cancellation system, and the XAP does not seem to come in a single line-in version. Is there some other echo cancellation unit that people would suggest for a setup like this? Or have I missed a single line-in version of the XAP? Also any other suggestions for the node would be nice to hear, in case others have ideas that haven' t been thought of, or others are thinking of building a node such like this.
As always all help is appreciated!
Matthew Leszczenski
Technical Assistant and Eagle Scout
Undergraduate NSSA Major @ RIT
Collaboration Technology Developer @ RIT Research Computing department
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