[AG-TECH] Equiptment ideas?

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Did you consider the USB mics, Duet PCS or ClearOne iChat series? Each
mic does its own EC.
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	Hello all,

	                One of my current projects is a public AG
kiosk-like setup, in which people will be able to walk up to the node,
choose a stream and start to talk directly with that stream. The area is
about a 12' X 12' square area, with drop-tile ceiling, it will consist
of 1x HD camera, 1x DV camera, 2x 52" HD LCD TV's, 1x high quality
microphone, some sort of directional speakers, and an echo cancellation
system.  It seems that I would only need one microphone input for this
project. However I have mostly worked with the ClearOne XAP400, which is
a dual line-in echo cancellation system, and the XAP does not seem to
come in a single line-in version. Is there some other echo cancellation
unit that people would suggest for a setup like this? Or have I missed a
single line-in version of the XAP? Also any other suggestions for the
node would be nice to hear, in case others have ideas that haven't been
thought of, or others are thinking of building a node such like this.



	As always all help is appreciated!


	Matthew Leszczenski

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