[AG-TECH] Licenses for Shared Applications

Adam Carter adam at epcc.ed.ac.uk
Wed Nov 21 08:14:18 CST 2007


I'm sorry if the answer to this question is obvious, but it's not really 
my area of expertise. I'm about to make a shared application available 
from the web and want to included an appropriate license and copyright 

As far as I understand things, since I'm not including any of the AG 
toolkit in what I distribute and I'm simply requesting that the python 
interpreter import AGTk files at run time, then the AGTk license has no 
bearing on my choice of license for the code I'm making available. Is that 
correct, or does the fact that my code imports from the AGTk mean that 
it's a "work based on the Software"? In fact, I think the license I want 
to use (a form of the Apache Version 2 license) is compatible anyway, 
but I just wanted to check.

In short, are there any restrictions on the kind of license that can be 
applied to a shared application that imports from the AGTk?



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