[AG-TECH] Compiling AG 3.0.2 vic

Christoph Willing willing at vislab.uq.edu.au
Sat Mar 31 00:38:03 CDT 2007

On 31/03/2007, at 2:31 AM, Jeremy Mann wrote:

> I'm trying to recompile the AG 3.0.2 client on a Slackware 10.2
> machine and am coming across errors when it tries to compile vic. The
> odd thing is that I can take the same code and it compiles fine on a
> 11.0 machine and also PPC 11.0. Here's the error, I'm using GCC 3.3.6.


I can't replicate that error with SL10.2 and the same compiler.

Please run the following commands (presuming you've already compiled  
the associated common, tcl-8.0 & tk-8.0 which are also in ag-media  
	cd ag-media/vic
	script op.makevic
	make realclean
	./configure --prefix=/usr

This will have created an new file "op.makevic"; could you email it  
to me directly? No need to overload the list. Maybe we can find the  
cause of the problem in there.


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University of Queensland

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