[AG-TECH] Can't compile DVTS on linux - missing dv1394.h?

Andrew Ford acf0659 at rit.edu
Thu Mar 29 09:16:36 CDT 2007

Ah, that makes sense. It compiles now, thanks. When I try to test xdvshow,
though, it just basically freezes and doesn't open an X11 window or
anything. Anyone have any known working DVTS streams I can test it some more
with? I already tried Tom Uram's (just getting the IP from AG's
ExtendedVideoConsumerService) but that didn't work.


On 3/26/07, Alex.Krumm-Heller at csiro.au <Alex.Krumm-Heller at csiro.au> wrote:
>  Hi Andrew,
> You need to ensure you have the kernel source present on your machine.
> From memory I think DVTS assumes that the source is present at
> /usr/src/linux.
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> *Subject:* [AG-TECH] Can't compile DVTS on linux - missing dv1394.h?
> I'm currently attempting to compile DVTS on linux, for eventual Extended
> Video Consumer use, but it errors out saying it can't find dv1394.h, which
> is nowhere to be found. I have the proper IEEE 1394 development environment
> set up (I have libraw1394 and libiec61883 and their development
> counterparts) as well as ffmpeg/libavformat which is where the file seems
> like it should be. However, it's completely absent on my system. Anyone have
> any experience with this?
> --Andrew
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