[AG-TECH] 4 x S-video capture?

Paul Bonnett P.Bonnett at ukerna.ac.uk
Tue Mar 27 02:43:25 CDT 2007

 Jason & others,

Beware of 'simple' adaptors, most don't carry both the lines across for
true S-Video.
However if you started off with a BNC output you only have a composite
signal to start with, so it won't give you any improvement.

Paul B

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One thing I use is a simple converter from BNC to S-video (RCA).


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	I was wondering if anyone here knows of any card that can has 4
ports for capturing from 4 S-video sources at once with one card? The 
ones I've used (and liked) have been composite via BNC connections. The 
S-video is something I'm wondering about.



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