[AG-TECH] Video capture for Linux: IVC-200, -G?, -RS-R20?

Adam Taylor accessgrid at ulm.edu
Mon Mar 26 08:45:30 CDT 2007

I haven't used the IVC-200 but I haven't had any trouble with the Spectra8
on Fedora Core 5.  One oddity I did find however was that on the two cards
that we own, instead of the video being routed through the 'Composite Video'
port it was actually on the 'Television' port.  Made no difference to me but
strange none the less.


One thing I do like about the Spectra8 instead of the IVC-200, from what I
have seen, is that the IVC-200 will ONLY support 5V 32-bit PCI slots.  The
Spectra8 will fit in a 3.3V PCI-X slot and work without a problem, (running
it in a Dell PowerEdge server that only has PCI-X slots).  I don't know if
this is important to you but it was important to us when deciding.  If
anyone knows differently please speak up as all I have to go by is pictures
(no front notch on the card's connector), and what the specifications say on
their website.  This was one reason we didn't consider this card.


Anyways, my two cents.


Adam Taylor

Computing Center

University of Louisiana Monroe







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I'm running an AG node with several cameras attached, 3 of which are
connected through a Winnov Videum 4400 (which is Windows-only).  I'm about
to buy a video capture card to try with our Linux machines, and from
everything listed on the AG website[1], it seems like the IVC-200 series is

[1]: http://www.accessgrid.org/taxonomy/term/16

 * PCI-compatible
 * Linux drivers
 * video inputs are directly attached to the card (unlike the Bluecherry) 
 * I hear some people have had trouble with the Spectra8

The FALCONquattro might also work, but I don't know if they're available in
small quantities; I've emailed IDS to ask about that.

...but before I buy an IVC-200, I'd like your input: there seem to be 4
varities, with -G and/or -RS-R20 tacked on the end.  Near as I can tell, the
-G is for a GPIO module, which might be interesting if we were programming
microcontrollers (which we aren't), and the other suffix pertains to
European hazardous substance regulations. 

So, should we buy the IVC-200, one of the (slightly) more expensive models,
or something else entirely?

-Ed Brannin
edbrannin at gmail.com

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