[AG-TECH] TigerboardAG3.01 Beta Download Available!!!

Nguyen, Doc Lap dnguy6 at lsuhsc.edu
Mon Mar 12 16:55:22 CDT 2007

Hello Everyone:

	TigerboardAG is a shared whiteboard/presentation application
that was developed at the Louisiana State University Health Sciences
Center in New Orleans, LA (LSUHSC-NO).  It allows users to quickly
present and annotate slides, images, documents, or even a blank page.
The user interface resembles a physical whiteboard so that non-technical
participants can quickly use the application to interact with others on
an Access Grid meeting.

	It has been used successfully at our LSU state institutions for
classes, presentations, demonstrations, etc.  It was also presented at
the AG Retreat 2006 and SCGobal 2006.  We are making it freely available
for use by the Access Grid community.  You can download and try the Beta
version at the Louisiana Biomedical Research Network LBRN)website:


TigerboardAG runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux using JAVA 1.5 or higher.
There's also an Installation Guide and User's Manual included.  If you
have any questions or comments or wish to report any bugs, please
subscribe to the TigerboardAG listserver.

We hope that you'll find many uses for this software.  Thank you.

Doc Lap Nguyen
IT Analyst / Programmer

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