[AG-TECH] Sony EVI-HD1 camera

Colin Perkins csp at csperkins.org
Thu Mar 8 16:11:37 CST 2007

We've done some work with uncompressed HD conferencing which might be  
relevant: http://ultragrid.east.isi.edu/


On 8 Mar 2007, at 21:14, Brian Corrie wrote:
> Hi John,
> Interesting... Does anyone know anything about SDI HD capture  
> cards. We are looking at HD as well (but no direct experience yet)  
> and the trick seems to be to get video off of the camera avoiding  
> the onboard encoding of the video, which often adds significant  
> latency (which is not good for AG of course). Does anyone know if  
> the SDI out of this camera either has onboard hardware encoding (so  
> low latency) and/or whether the SDI out is uncompressed video (I  
> don't know anything about SDI other than that it is a broadcast  
> oriented standard). Since this is a video conferencing camera one  
> would assume the SDI is raw video (it looks like it base on my  
> reading). So once one gets it out of the camera how does one get it  
> to the computer... There must be an HD SDI capture card available.
> We are looking at the Sony HDR-HC7 prosumer HD camcorder as a  
> possibility. They aren't available yet, but any day now... They  
> have HDMI out, which is uncompressed video. There is a HDMI capture  
> card that can handle raw uncompressed HD video at 1080i available  
> from Black Magic that looks promising... The camera is around $1500  
> and the card is $250.
> http://www.blackmagic-design.com/products/intensity/
> We are going to be purchasing this pair as soon as the camera is  
> available, so I will let everyone know how this works out. If it  
> does work its a pretty inexpensive HD solution!
> Cheers,
> Brian
> John I Quebedeaux Jr wrote:
>> Someone asked me about this camera for HD use on the AG: http:// 
>> www.picturephone.com/products/sony_evi_hd1.htm
>> Anyone have any experience with it? I'm wondering if it was used,  
>> how to best "capture" it into a system for use on the AG...  
>> interest in using HD is high here. I'm more concerned about  
>> logistical issues with high resolution images on displays that  
>> don't have that much "resolution" space - particularly if several  
>> sites are involved.
>> -John Q.
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Colin Perkins

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