[AG-TECH] Rat configurations

Venhuizen, Mark Mark.Venhuizen at SDSTATE.EDU
Fri Jun 15 09:11:09 CDT 2007

Hello all,
I was wondering if I could get some assistance with modifying the
default setting on my RAT?   Currently, whenever I enter a venue, the
VIC and RAT open like they should... BUT the Rat switches my recording
control input (on the node computer's mixer devices) to the front mic
input.   I use the rear input on the computer.  Also, the "TALK" slider
on the RAT controls the front mic input... so any audio adjustments I
make have to be made utilizing the computer's recording control input
device.   I make my changes... but if I switch venues, change rooms, or
reload the current venue... the rat switches back to the front input.
How could I go about re-configuring my system to make my Rat and Talk
slider default to the rear mic input?  I've tried closing each window of
the AG system before closing the AG client in hopes that it would save
the settings.   Unfortunately, it didn't help my situation.
Thanks much for any suggestions!

Mark A. Venhuizen 
Educational Technologies, Pugsley Center 
South Dakota State University 
Brookings, SD  57007 
605-688-6111 (office) 
605-688-6317 (fax) 

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