[AG-TECH] multimachine node problem...

Porfirio Gaona Gonzalez pgg at ixtli.unam.mx
Mon Jun 11 11:49:45 CDT 2007


I changed my display machine.   My new machine is an Opteron 64 bits, but 
I have a problem when I've tried to communicate with my audio and video 
machine.   When I try to configurate my Access Grid Node Management, 
there's no communicantion with audio and video PC's.

I read that the possible reasons are:

- my clock is not synched to an NTP.
- Certificate expired
- I should have the CA certificates to supor the certificate I'm using.

According my configuration :

- I have clock synched to an NTP.
- My certificate has expired, but I'm usign AG3 and certicificate is not 
needed if I use Venue Client.

When I try to communicate from Display PC to Audio Machine, the log file 
in audio says:

06/11/07 11:45:50 -1226474592 Hosting     ServiceContainer.py:16 ERROR 
Processing Failure
No service(NodeService) in ServiceContainer

If I reconnect my old dislpay machine, everything works fine.

Do you have any suggestion?

Thanks in advance
Porfirio Gaona
UNAM Mexico

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