[AG-TECH] A suggestion for accessgrid.org

Beob Kyun Kim ml4kyun at gmail.com
Tue Jul 31 20:28:38 CDT 2007

Dear everyone.

I'm Beob Kyun Kim and work for KISTI, Korea.
In the web site (http://www.accessgrid.ogr), we have node listing and map.
And they are very important and useful information.

These days, we're rebuilding our room node with some new hardwares and
I'm investigating which shared applications and node services are usually

I think if we have a public information about usually installed shared
applications and node services (like hardwares in the page "
it will be very useful for AG beginners and also for AG experts.

Can we see that kind of information on the web in the future ?

Beob Kyun Kim
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