[AG-TECH] Re: 500 Terabytes and Growing

Linda Winkler winkler at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Jul 26 10:36:28 CDT 2007

we now see the video but the slides are not readable.
At 10:15 AM 7/26/2007, Douglas L Thain wrote:
 >The talk is proceeding, but we are having some technical difficulties
 >with the AG system.  No ETA on the fix.  However, we are recording
 >the talk, and should be able to broadcast it later.
 >On Thu, 26 Jul 2007, Linda Winkler wrote:
 >>  >> "500 Terabytes and Growing"  this will be a live open invitation
 >>  >> event.   It will be held on July 26th at 11AM EDT in Axon room on
 >>  >> the NCSA server.
 >> Is this event happening?  we are on the AG bridge but, tod not see
 >> video from ND
 >> lw

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