[AG-TECH] Can't contact VenueServer on Fedora 7

Michael Miller mimiller at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Fri Jul 6 12:00:23 CDT 2007


No, the hostname was not what I expected, so I went and checked the 
network config and set that up correctly(AFAIK).  But the URL still 
showed localhost.localdomain.  So I rebooted.  That still didn't 
solve the problem, so I opened a root shell and set the hostname with:

hostname roeshamboe.ncsa.uiuc.edu

and that did the trick.

Thanks for the pointer...


At 11:04 AM 7/6/2007, Thomas D. Uram wrote:

>When you start the server, it reports the URL of the server.  Is the 
>hostname in the URL what you would expect for the server ?
>On 7/6/07 9:41 AM, Michael Miller wrote:
>>I installed fedora 7 and enabled SELinux and the firewall.  Then 
>>opened the appropriate ports 8000 8002 8004 8006.  Looking at the 
>>config file 8004 doesn't appear to be used anymore, but I'll close 
>>that later.  As I was unable to connect,  I checked the 
>>VenueClient.log and found nothing written referring to my attempt 
>>to connect.  Looking at the VenueServer log, I find nothing as 
>>well.  So suspecting SELinux or the firewall, I set SELinux to 
>>Permissive and turned off the firewall.  But I'm still getting 
>>connection refused.
>>What else should I look at?

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