[AG-TECH] Re: issues with agschedule rss feed

Michael Miller mimiller at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Wed Aug 29 14:56:23 CDT 2007


This is a known bug.  The 3.0.2 venueclient doesn't interpret RSS 
according to the spec.  So for the time being we are compatible with 
the venueclient and some newsreaders will have trouble.  I'm looking 
forward to fixes in the AG3.1 client.


At 02:49 PM 8/29/2007, you wrote:
>NetNewsWire hasn't been able to read the agschedule RSS feed for at
>least a week now.  It seems to get a 500 whenever it tries to fetch
>http://agschedule.ncsa.uiuc.edu/rss.asp, which is odd because I can do
>it fine with wget.
>Actually, the Feed Validator is also failing:
>Just a heads-up, hoping you'll take a look at it.
>-Ed Brannin
>edbrannin at gmail.com
>cell: 585-261-0279

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