[AG-TECH] recommended processor for AG 3.1beta

Vine, Derek A Derek.Vine at usd.edu
Mon Aug 20 14:58:44 CDT 2007

Hello all,

I recently updated from 3.0.1 to the 3.1 beta and noticed that vic is
using in very large amount of my processor, between 50-70%.  Currently I
am running a single Gateway E6610 with a 2.4 Core 2 Duo and 4GB ram on
XP Pro.  
Here are my questions:
1. Is everyone experiencing this increase of processor demand by vic?
2. What is the recommended CPU if running a single machine and is video
capture is separate.  

I want to make sure to spec. out a machine will last for a few years,
and with HD on the horizon, I want to make sure I have plenty of
processing power if we decide to go that route.

Thank you in advance.

Derek Vine
Communication Network Specialist
The University of South Dakota
414 East Clark Street
Vermillion, SD 57069
(605) 677-8215
ceddn at usd.edu

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