[AG-TECH] AG 3.1 compatability

Mike Daley Mike.W.Daley at cs.cardiff.ac.uk
Thu Aug 16 06:33:06 CDT 2007

Hi Tom
The network configuration for this test was as follows:
The node running 3.0.2 was running over a multicast enabled network.

The other two machines running 3.1 beta were both on a separate UNICAST 
only network but using AG Connector via the UMTP/GIST bridge so I guess 
it may be a fault with AG Connector. We will try some other 
configurations and see what happens.

Thomas D. Uram wrote:
> Hi Mike:
> We're committed to compatibility between 3.x versions.  I haven't 
> encountered any problem like you describe that was explained by 
> software.  Are you able to isolate it to some other cause, such as 
> networking?  Can you reliably reproduce the problem in different 
> network environments?
> Tom
> On 8/15/07 3:53 PM, Mike.W.Daley at cs.cardiff.ac.uk wrote:
>> Hi All
>> I've not been paying attention lately to the community but now have a 
>> bit of time spare.
>> Could anyone varify if there are any compatability problems between 
>> AG3.0.2 and AG 3.1 beta.
>> We were doing a few tests today between three sites, two were running 
>> AG3.1 and the other was running 3.0.2 all pointing to Argonne lobby 
>> the two 3.1 sites could see existing feeds in the Lobby plus feeds 
>> from the other 3.1 site but not the 3.0 feeds. The node running 3.0.2 
>> could only see its own feeds plus the lobby feeds not the feeds from 
>> 3.1 nodes.
>> All three machines were running Windows XP.
>> Any ideas :-)
>> Mike
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