[AG-TECH] Multicast session today

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I dropped out at that time as worked called:-(  .but the entire event went
well for us.  Connected multicast for part one and unicast for part two. We
are always available to test with you Jeff.  





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I'm in the session now with ~17 other sites.  Which venue did you go to?  Do
you have a URL, or multicast addresses?


On 8/13/07 10:25 AM, Jeff wrote: 

Was anyone else able to connect to the Multicast session today at ANL? We
went to the ANL institutional site but no one there. Saw Ohio St. come in
for a few minutes but then they left too. They didn't publish the IP
addresses so we couldn't connect manually either. Even had our InSORS tech
support go to the venue and they didn't see anyone either. 




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