[AG-TECH] AG3.1b "1-click" installer, request for people in the Lobby

Ed Brannin edbrannin at gmail.com
Wed Aug 8 17:30:07 CDT 2007


After tomorrow's Test Meeting (around Noon Eastern), we're hosting an
open house.  We've only had one RSVP so far, and we don't know when
he'll be around, but we'll be parked in the Argonne Lobby and it would
be great if other live people were there too sometime during the day.

This will be from Noonish until 6 PM Eastern.  That's a long time, so
I don't expect any commitments, but if anyone could be around "just in
case", we'd appreciate it.

Also, I've been working on an AG 1-click installer, with several niceties:
 * Installs Python, wxPython, pyWin32
 * Optionally installs a few Shared Applications & Node Services:
Tigerboard (early beta), AGVCR and the ExtendedVideo Services.
 * Adds desktop shortcuts to auto-join the Argonne Lobby & RIT Venues
 * Also adds desktop shortcuts to the AG Log folder and agkiller.py
(just in case...)

So if anyone wants to try it out during or after the Test Meeting this
week, we'll be glad to help.

-Ed Brannin
ICE Lab Manager, RIT
edbrannin at gmail.com
cell: 585-261-0279

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