[AG-TECH] Finding seminars and other public meetings

Roberts, Ian E ian.roberts at pnl.gov
Mon Aug 6 16:29:08 CDT 2007

I've recently been on a quest to get more exposure to my local node by
hosting public meetings and seminars on different topics. Rather than read
the schedule calendar day-by-day, I've recently started putting the RSS feed
into my RSS reader. I've been using a 14-day feed (and you can put whatever
number you want in there).


Someday I hope that "open to all" meetings can be clearly identified in the
title, or even get their own RSS category, but until then, it's not too hard
to tell the regular meetings from the events.

For instance, in addition to the upcoming Multicast session next Monday, the
Arctic Region Supercomputing Center is hosting a two-day symposium on
"multicore and new processing technologies" that I think some of my
supercomputer folks would be interested in. It's Monday-Tuesday of next

Hopefully this tip will help some of you who are in the same situation as
Take care,
Ian Roberts <Interaction Designer> Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
User-Centered Design for your Software

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