[AG-TECH] Capture cards and PCI-X

Scobie, David David.Scobie at nrc-cnrc.gc.ca
Wed Aug 1 16:54:09 CDT 2007

Thanks for the reply Chris,

# You've been asked to build on Windows; is it possible to do a mixed
Windows/Linux node? 

The limitation is the number of slots on the existing, available
computers.  I have another mixed node with four capture cards (bt878)in
the main Multi Media Research Lab that we built nearly five years ago,
which still works.  The political problem is that while I am quite
capable in the "Unix Way" however my colleagues, and especially the ones
who would be the control operators on my absence, are not.

# These (quattros)don't work with Linux AFAIK  
Yes I have heard that as well.

# We use an Osprey 440 in one of our systems. A bit pricey but just
works. I don't know the 240 personally but since the 440 works ....

I don't see the 440 on the HCL, however if it works, then the 240 or the
440 might prove to be acceptable options.  
Are there any other sites that we know of with these cards?


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