[AG-TECH] JackTrip - Multimachine jam sessions over the Internet2

Lassi Ylikojola lapeyl at uwasa.fi
Sat Apr 28 20:16:19 CDT 2007

Hi !

I came across this interesting software installing ccrma audio
packages for my fedora.

It uses jack audio server and ccrma's low latency kernel as basis for
testing low latency uncompressed audio over internet.

'high quality, uncompressed audio signal steaming currently being
developed and actively tested at CCRMA by the SoundWIRE group'

So any fedora/(debian low latency) people out there would like to test ?

One has to install low latency kernel and ccrma packakes on fedora, but planet
ccrma has good instructions.


planet ccrma:

Lassi Ylikojola

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