[AG-TECH] M-audio Fast Track Pro on linux and windows

Christoph Willing willing at vislab.uq.edu.au
Fri Apr 27 15:41:14 CDT 2007

On 28/04/2007, at 4:39 AM, Lassi Ylikojola wrote:

> Hi !
> I'm about to buy usb soundcards for a project we are having using AG.
> Seen posts here that m-audio audiophile usb works on linux but does  
> anyone have experience using m-audio Fast Track Pro with RAT on  
> linux and/or windows ?
> It's not listed on alsa site but some reports on internet says it  
> might work on linux.


I tried the Fast Track Pro with Linux a few months ago (so I don't  
all the details) but it didn't work and I haven't had time to figure  
out why.

I had partial success with an Edirol UA-25 - it was recognised as a  
usbaudio device and but its behavious with rat was not good. Incoming  
audio was good, but our outgoing audio was reported to be thin and  
"weird". It may be some sort of sampling rate problem inside rat  
itself, since we recorded some audio with another application and it  
played back OK. Again, we haven't had time to investigate further.


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