[AG-TECH] lavalier mic

Michael Miller mimiller at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Mon Apr 16 09:25:44 CDT 2007


We have several Lectrosonics wireless kits.  They are built like 
tanks, you'll never need to replace one.  They are more expensive but 
the VHF ones have last 14? years.  Audio quality is excellent.  We 
also have a few UHF kits and they provide selectable frequencies over 
a wide range.  Very useful when your building is across the street 
from the local PBS station.  The only problem we have is the handheld 
mics deplete batteries very quickly.  We set their internal gain low, 
which helps, but still get about 2 hours from a 9V battery.  Overall, 
they are very good.

hope this helps.


At 04:51 PM 4/13/2007, Lisa Metz wrote:
>Hi all,
>Does anyone have any decent recommendations for lavalier mics? I 
>didn't see them mentioned in the Hardware list on the AG site and 
>I'm a little wary of just throwing a dart to make my decision.
>Thanks and have a great weekend,
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