[AG-TECH] onboard HD audio with AG 3.0 and MS Vista - Receive Pythonw.exe error

Dan Copher dcopher at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Thu Apr 12 08:49:31 CDT 2007

We are in the process in putting together a demo room featuring HD 
Video and Intel HD Audio (7.1 surround THX). I have the PC with the 
necessary Intel "audio" chip set and video card (1080p resolution) 
and the speaker system (just waiting for the speaker stands now).
But the issue we've run into is that the demo is also suppose to 
feature MS Vista and the AG 3.0 Video conference software and 
although AG 3.0 installs fine we're getting a pythonw.exe error when 
trying to enter a venue - "pythonw.exe has stopped working - A 
problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will 
close the program and notify you if a solution is available". So far 
Windows has not notified notified us of any solution =-O ... but 
hopefully someone else among the AG community might ... anyone found 
a solution for this problem yet ? Apparently were not the first to 
have this problem with Vista:

I also experienced a problem with Bonjour - "the OS won't run the 
Bonjour service due to permissions" ..but was able to resolve this by 
installing a newer version on Bonjour.

Any help on this would be very much appreciated -- thanks -- Dan Copher

At 06:39 PM 4/11/2007, you wrote:
>HD does stand for High Definition (despite appearances?!) - It's
>referring to Intel new audio architecture:
>I haven't managed to test RAT on an HD audio card as I haven't
>currently got access to one - I'll see if I can find one....
>I'm assuming this problem is being seen on Windows - anyone tried HD
>audio on Linux?
>On 11/04/07, Joseph Stone <stone004 at umn.edu> wrote:
>>In what appears to be a clever marketing trick, system and soundcard
>>manufacturers have used the moniker "HD" and attached the words High
>>Definition to the letters.
>>It really stands for Half Duplex.  Since rat expects a chip set that can
>>simultaneously send out signals while receiving them, these new devices do
>>not get recognized. The HD devices appear to do some sort of fast switching
>>so that the user hears and speaks apparently at the same time.
>>I'll leave it to UCL folks to correct/add to what I've just said.
>>Joseph Stone
>>Senior Informatics Manager
>>Family Medicine Community Health, Medical School, Univ. of Minnesota
>>Suite 220 Dinnaken
>>925 Delaware St. SE
>>Minneapolis, MN 55414
>>(612) 624-3192
>>stone004 at umn.edu

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