[AG-TECH] Final SCGlobal MegaCruise (before touchdown in tampa)

Many Ayromlou mayromlo at ryerson.ca
Tue Oct 31 10:18:51 CST 2006

Hi All,

I would like to invite anyone participating in this years SCGlobal  
events (Nov 14-16) to join me for a MegaCruise. You can show up even  
if you are planning NOT to participate. Although I can't imagine why  
you would want to miss all the fun you can have as a SCGlobal  
Satellite site. If you want to register as a satellite site to watch  
all the events on AG go to:


There you can fill in the form and show up with your node to the  
megacruise. The Cruise is happening Monday (Nov.06) from 11:00-13:00  
EST in the Verlet venue (NCSA server). I would like to get as many  
AG2.x and 3.x people in there as possible and then branch out and  
have people log into other servers we're planning to use during the  
conference. So show up to Verlet and we'll go from there :-)

Meeting details: https://agschedule.ncsa.uiuc.edu:443/ 

Many Ayromlou, Technical Producer

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