[AG-TECH] Using Access Grid with Ethernet Bridged OpenVPN

Doug Baggett dbaggett at nsf.gov
Tue Oct 31 06:02:46 CST 2006

How did you route multicast over the L2TP connection to the OS X server? I
did'nt think OS X server had that capability (Forwarding muilticast through


On 10/30/06 4:56 PM, "Many Ayromlou" <mayromlo at ryerson.ca> wrote:

> Hi Doug,
> A while back I tried OpenVPN (mac client @ home behind NAT/Router---
>> linux server on open network) and although other stuff worked, I
> could not get AG going (I was not using bridged mode though.....I was
> using the other mode.....don't remember right now).
> I have since tried to run it with an L2TP type VPN (Mac notebook
> running osx behind NAT/Router --> Mac OSX Server on open network) and
> AG3 works quite well. I've been able to get somewhere near 14-16
> videos smoking my 6Mb dsl link. I've also tried this from behind a
> firewall at work (mac notebook behind a really strict firewall
> blocking ports 1024+ UDP/TCP ---> same mac OSX server on open
> network) and AG3 works fine.
> So to answer your question OpenVPN did not work for me and I admit it
> was not the same situation you're describing. L2TP worked fine behind
> NAT and also behind a pretty strict firewall.
> Many
> On 30-Oct-06, at 1:35 PM, Doug Baggett wrote:
>> Has anybody tried using Access Grid using bridged Ethernet and
>> OpenVPN?
>> (www.openvpn.net)
>> OpenVPN supports TCP instead of UDP, and I have users behind
>> Firewalls that
>> restrict outbound UDP and I have a server that I could use as the
>> endpoint
>> that sits
>> I know there would be a performance hit using TCP, but on a high
>> performance
>> network it would be interesting to know if anybody has given it a try.
>> -Doug B

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