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Joseph Stone stone004 at umn.edu
Mon Oct 30 14:32:19 CST 2006

Spooky.    I was just pouring over the same problem myself for the  
last couple of hours.  My search for a solution of getting through  
firewalls leads me to consider OpenVPN as the best solution.

But before I launch it, I would like to ensure that traffic going  
through it is used only for supporting AG sessions.  I'd be willing  
to provide some benchmarks when using this but am looking for help to  
ensure that I don't open all of the institutions resources to AG  
participants that aren't part of it.


On Oct 30, 2006, at 1:06 PM, Doug Baggett wrote:

> Sorry bout this....somehow I forgot some essential words... :)
> Has anybody tried using Access Grid using bridged Ethernet and  
> OpenVPN?
> (www.openvpn.net)
> OpenVPN supports TCP instead of UDP, and I have users behind  
> Firewalls that
> restrict outbound UDP and I have a server that I could use as the  
> endpoint
> that sits outside the firewall.
> I know there would be a performance hit using TCP, but on a high  
> performance
> network it would be interesting to know if anybody has given it a try.
> -Doug B

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