[AG-TECH] Desktop Echo Cancellation speakers

Joseph Stone stone004 at umn.edu
Wed Oct 25 17:24:39 CDT 2006

I have had experience with two Phoenix echo canceling speaker  

1) Solo (actually not a speaker).  Requires that you connect external  
speakers.  Inexpensive (relatively) at $130 US.  Untested by us.
2) Duet PCS.  Good with its own built in speaker (two, three, maybe  
four people in a quite, small room).  Excellent with quality sounding  
external speakers.  $150 US.
3) Duet Executive.  Good with its own speaker, excellent with  
external speakers (see PCS above).  Has a connector that accepts the  
_handset_ cable of a regular telephone (excellent idea now that most  
office phones are digital and many are going to IP telephony but  
still use a standard RJ-like handset cable).  We're having problems  
getting the handset jack to work. $199 US

The performance of these is comparable to the $5000+ Gentner+mic 
+speaker system in our IG node.

There is now a product from Polycom called the Communicator.  Clearly  
aimed at the Phoenix Duet PCS market.  Cute and small.  Untested.   
$130 US.


On Oct 25, 2006, at 4:29 PM, Jimmy Miklavcic wrote:

> Well that's spooky. It looks like they bought the Duet PCS unit,  
> slapped
> their logo on it and jacked the price by $100. You can get the same
> thing at emicrophones.com for $149. These vendors sure do get tricksy.

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