[AG-TECH] WACE 2006 Call for Abstracts

Michael E. Papka papka at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Oct 24 21:27:44 CDT 2006

Please take a look at the WACE 2006 call for abstracts, the deadline  
is coming up soon. www.mcs.anl.gov/wace

The Sixth Annual Workshop on Advanced Collaborative Environments will  
focus on the research, technological, and social issues of developing  
persistent collaboration infrastructure.

This year WACE will be held in Geneva as part of a conference on  
Shaping the Future of Collaboration in Global Science Projects. This  
conference, co-organized by WACE and users of the Large Hadron  
Collider will focus on the needs and challenges that the LHC  
community will face in conducting a global scientific collaboration.  
The WACE program will be held on days 2 and 3 of this 3-day  
conference and will focus on emerging, advanced collaborative  
technologies and their use.

The goal of this workshop is to provide an open, technical forum to  
discuss high-end, high-value solutions for supporting scientific,  
engineering or humanities collaboration. When developing position  
papers, baseline assumptions about the evolution of future computing  
technologies (for example, networking, computing, storage, and  
displays) useful for collaboration environments should be taken into  
account. The workshop intends to look at future-generation systems.  
For example, the following future infrastructure predictions are  
likely to affect collaboration systems:

Widespread deployment of high performance networking
Continued increases in computing power available both to end-users  
and through high-end computing facilities
Expanding needs and abilities to store, curate and retrieve large  
volumes of data
Increasing availability of large, high-resolution displays
Broad adoption of mobile computing devices
Application of new types of instrumentation, such as sensor networks
Position papers are being solicited on topics including, but not  
limited to, the following:

High-end, high-value solutions collaboration technologies
New ideas and concepts for advanced collaboration environments
Removal of barriers to more rapid adoption of high-end technologies
Roadmaps for development of high-end collaborative technologies
Tools for monitoring and evaluating the performance of collaborations
Software for advanced collaboration environments
Applications of collaborative technologies in science, engineering or  
the humanities
Overall registration for the workshop will be limited to 75  

Sponsored by:
Futures Laboratory, Argonne National Laboratory
Microsoft Research
The Computation Institute, University of Chicago
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