[AG-TECH] Error in making rpm(Ipv6) of vic for AccessGrid3.0.2

刘冠强 liugq at vrlab.buaa.edu.cn
Sun Oct 22 05:09:11 CDT 2006

The source rpm is AccessGrid-vic-2.8ucl1.1.3-4.20060619cvs.fc3.src.rpm.
In order to support ipv6 ,I modify the SPEC file:
(cd tcl-8.0/unix; %configure; make)
(cd tk-8.0/unix; %configure; make)
(cd common; autoconf; %configure --enable-ipv6 ; make)
(cd vic; autoconf; %configure --enable-ipv6 ; make)
But When 
#rpmbuild -ba AccessGrid-vic.spec

have errors:
net/net-ipv6.cpp: In member function `int IP6Network::localname(sockaddr_in6*)':
net/net-ipv6.cpp:280: error: invalid conversion from `int*' to `socklen_t*'
net/net-ipv6.cpp:280: error:   initializing argument 3 of `int getsockname(int, sockaddr*, socklen_t*)'
net/net-ipv6.cpp: In member function `virtual int IP6Network::dorecv(u_char*, int, Address&, int)':
net/net-ipv6.cpp:525: error: invalid conversion from `int*' to `socklen_t*'
net/net-ipv6.cpp:525: error:   initializing argument 6 of `ssize_t recvfrom(int, void*, size_t, int, sockaddr*, socklen_t*)'
make: *** [net/net-ipv6.o] Error 1


liugq at vrlab.buaa.edu.cn

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