[AG-TECH] Re: AGVCR Reencoding

Derek Piper dcpiper at indiana.edu
Mon Oct 16 15:41:13 CDT 2006

	Well... funny you should mention that. I'm currently working on 
something that I received from Claus Enders who wrote a patch to ffmpeg 
to convert AGVCR files to MPEG movies. At the moment MPEG4 data gets 
converted but H261 isn't going too well. The proviso is that it has to 
have just one video and audio stream.
	I wasn't going to mention anything until something definitely was 
working, but since you ask I'll let people know that's something being 
worked on.


Todd Zimmerman wrote:
> Anyone know of a way to pull one video/audio feed out of an agvcr recording and reencode/save it to
> something like an mpeg, .avi, .mov or whatever??
> Our webstream archive of a seminar last week got corrupted - but I have a full agvcr recording of
> it.  I'd like to play just one of the streams back, and capture/save it (and reencode, although even
> h261/linear may be fine).
> I've been trying different combinations of vlc, mplayer, etc with no luck.  Any ideas?
> Todd

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