[AG-TECH] how to disable audio loopback

Douglas Kosovic douglask at itee.uq.edu.au
Wed Nov 15 01:02:46 CST 2006

Hi Jean,

> This may be a really stupid question. I am experimenting with a newly
> installed AG3 client under Win XP.
> To see if the microphone works I checked in rat -> options -> audio  the 
> "audio loopback" box
> and then I could hear myself alright. The problem is that unchecking the 
> box doesn't seem to do anything, i.e. now I always hear myself no matter 
> what, restarting the client, rebooting etc. don't help.  How can I undo 
> the loopback?

In WinXP's "Volume Control" mixer application, mute the microphone in the 
playback properties and ensure that the microphone is selected in the 
recording properties (which it should already be).


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