[AG-TECH] /usr/bin/QuickBridge

Douglas Kosovic douglask at itee.uq.edu.au
Mon Nov 13 16:30:06 CST 2006

Hi Jean,

> While trying to install from opensuse 10.1 RPMs I get:
> file /usr/bin/QuickBridge conflicts between attempted installs of 
> QuickBridge-4.0-1.20060316cvs and AccessGrid-QuickBridge-3.0.2-1
> Both RPMs are in
> http://www.vislab.uq.edu.au/accessgrid3/suse/10.1/i586/
> Which one is to be ignored?

AccessGrid-QuickBridge-3.0.2-1 is suppose to obsolete the install of 
QuickBridge-4.0-1.20060316cvs, so don't install the latter.


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