[AG-TECH] Looking for Memetic Users

Michael Daw michael.daw at manchester.ac.uk
Wed May 31 09:42:16 CDT 2006

Some of you will be aware of the Memetic project, perhaps from last year's AG Retreat in San Francisco where Andrew Rowley gave a presentation. It's come a long way since then.

Memetic is recording and playback software for the Access Grid. Extra functionality that's available includes being able to record PC desktops (e.g. PowerPoint presentations) via software known as ScreenStreamer and annotate sessions using dialogue mapping software. Users can play back sessions either in a virtual venue or on their personal PC. (ScreenStreamer can also be used as stand-alone software and can be used to transmit snapshots of a desktop, e.g. a PowerPoint slide, to a web page for the audience to view.)

As well as being used as an Access Grid recorder, the tool is getting interest for use as video annotation software, e.g. for ethnographic studies in social science, and similar uses. 

The Memetic project is currently in its deployment stage where we want people to play with it and submit bug reports and feature requests.

If anyone is interested in using the software, then please go to http://memetic-vre.net/software/Memetic/, where you can self-register (although you will have to e-mail us to be able to make recordings). There is also a link from this page to movies of the software in use, which are very helpful to view before trying to use the thing.

Note that if you do use memetic, you are implicitly agreeing to us analysing your recordings for evaluation purposes, although we won't use the recordings publicly without your permission.


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