[AG-TECH] some questions related to vrvs and the new accessgrid.org website

Natalia Costas natalia at cesga.es
Tue May 23 12:00:16 CDT 2006

Hi all,

We are thinking about helding some important meetings through the AG 
(they were held by means of VRVS). The number of participants is 10 more 
or less but i've found a few issues:

- First,  we found some strange behaviour when connecting to 
MontecarloVenue, some packet loss between VRVS and AG world, 
participants appearing or not on VRVS list of participants... it seemed 
not pretty stable. Can anyone tell me about their experience using these 
- Second, our server is a 2.4 server. And we didnt think about migrating 
so soon to AGTK 3.0 (not before evaluating the new version at least). So 
we thought about sending the participants the AGTK 2.4 PIG installation 
guide (there are 4 room nodes and 4-6 PIGs). But i couldnt find it on 
the website (www.accessgrid.org). Why? is migration to AGTK 3.0 
compulsory or forced?
- The last point is that searches on the mailing list archive cant be 
done any more. Why? it seemed a pretty useful tool to me..

Thanx in advance,
Kind regards,

Natalia Costas Lago
E-mail: natalia at cesga.es

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Avenida de Vigo, s/n (Campus Sur)
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