[AG-TECH] how to request a certificate, not use cli entUI

Thomas D. Uram turam at mcs.anl.gov
Thu May 18 13:40:15 CDT 2006


AG2.4 will automatically request and retrieve an anonymous
certificate the first time a user starts it. You could look at
that code to see how it is done:


I can give you additional pointers if you need them.

If you were to automatically request an identity certificate,
you could collect at least some of the identifying information
from the system, but would have to either generate a passphrase
or prompt the user for one.


chenp1414 wrote:
> hi!
> i am using AGTK22.3 for windows.
> i want to modify $AGTK\bin\CertificateManager.py or
> $AGTK\bin\CertificateRequestTool.py to request certificate
> automatically when running.
> how can it get user information (including first name, last name,
> email, domain, passphrase,ect ) from a file, not the clientUI ?
> i also need a InstallCertificate.py to install the certificate if a
> certificate request is reply.
> what shall i do?
> and any advise?
> thank you!
> <http://www.126.com/>

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