[AG-TECH] Hardware concern ... Thanks!!!!!

Nathan P Johnson nathan.johnson at louisville.edu
Wed May 17 12:49:51 CDT 2006

Many thanks to everyone who replied. This helps a lot! 

>>> Bob Riddle <bdr at internet2.edu> 05/17/06 1:30 PM >>>
We have been running 1-PC node(s) for several years.  The PC has 3 
projectors attached, 4 camera's, and a Gentner.   We're using a Dell
workstation with 2 dual core 2.4 ghz processors.  No complaints.

Nathan P Johnson wrote:
> Hi everyone:
> We are thinking of converting our three-PC full room node ( three
> projectors, AP 400 etc. ) to a single PC design, possibly using a PC
> setup from INSORS. Has anyone set up a room node with three
> and everything running on a single PC? If so what has the experience
> been during large conferences when there are a large number of
> video streams and so on. 
> Thanks in advance for your help.
> Nate
> Nathan Johnson
> sysAdmin
> Dahlem Supercomputer Lab
> Speed Scientific School
> University of Louisville
> (502) 852-0164
> nathan.johnson at louisville.edu 

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