[AG-TECH] Venues Addresses: infrastructural question

Fabrizio.Berdondini at prototipo.it Fabrizio.Berdondini at prototipo.it
Thu May 11 02:28:35 CDT 2006

Hello all,
while trying to resolve some troubles in our internal subnet 
configuration, I was wondering how *exactly* the VenueServer 
assigns/manages addresses for the venues. What I know, from official 
documentation and from Thomas D. Uram messages inside this m/list, is that 
the management of the IP for the venues can be either static or dynamic, 
meaning that I can assign a fixed IP to each venue (one for video, one for 
audio, and it will have always the same) or let the venueserver assign the 
IPs inside a variable range, giving them to audio/video of a venue when 
the first user asks to enter it, while releasing them when the last person 
into the venue leaves it.
What I'm not able to understand is:

1) is the IP assigned to audio/video for each room a *real* IP (a 
multicast IP publicly visible over the internet i mean) or is there some 
kind of alias/routing sistem underlying somewhere?
2) In the first case, how can the venue server understand a particular IP 
is "free" or "used" by someone else (i.e. another venueserver or another 
3) In the second case, how is the routing done? How can the venueserver 
address the two applications Vic and Rat (with some kind of DNS i guess) 
to the right IP?
4) Again in the second case, how can the VenueServer assign/manage 
addresses in ranges like 224.xxx.xxx.xxx when the allowed IPs inside a LAN 
are restricted to a range that goes from to 

I'm not sure if I could explain clearly what I'm looking for, but this 
matter, as far as now, is very critical to me, I'm ready to give any 
further clarification and open to every suggestion and information.
Thanx as always,
Faber B.
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