[AG-TECH] Using self-signed (anonymous?) certificate with Venue Server

Thomas D. Uram turam at mcs.anl.gov
Tue May 9 15:06:21 CDT 2006

As long as the certificate chain is valid, you should have no problem 
using the certificate.

If you are using AG3, you should not use a certificate with an encrypted 
private key (i.e.,
an identity certificate) to run the venue server or venue management. 
The facilities for
handling passwords (namely, proxy certificates) are not yet available in 
AG3. I'd
recommend you use a service certificate to run an AG3 venue server, and 
use the
same certificate to run venue management (for now).


Doug Baggett wrote:
> Is it possible to use a self-signed certificate with the Venue server? 
> I’d like to play around with the AG sofware at home and do some more 
> testing at work but I don’t want to have to keep requesting a cert.
> Thanks!
> Doug Baggett

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