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Jason Bell j.bell at cqu.edu.au
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As a follow up to my initial email, I have been thinking about the
following questions and would like some opinions on what people think.

*	Should the install guide include instructions on installing

	Pro's - Allows users to connect to 2.x sessions and be
compatible with all of the shared app's for other 2.x users.

	Con's - By providing instructions to install 2.x, it won't force
other nodes to upgrade to AG 3.0.

*	Would people like screen shots on the installation of Fedora
Core 5, or is straight text suffice???  See
http://agcentral.org/help/tutorial/ag2.4-install-fc4/installfc4 for an

If you have any other ideas, I would be happy to hear them.  

I have already had a suggestion to include a security section.


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Dear Colleagues

Over the next few weeks, I will be developing some documentation on
installing AG3 on Fedora Core 5.

This documentation is going to be similar to the "AG2.4 Installation
Guide for RedHat Fedora Core 4"
(http://agcentral.org/help/tutorial/ag2.4-install-fc4).  The reason for
sending this email is to ask if there is anything that you would like to
see in this new document, that you may have found missing in the
previous document???

Alternatively, if you found the document to be pretty good as it was,
than that type of information is also useful to know as well.

Thanks for your time,


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