[AG-TECH] AG3 beta2 Linux and rat problem?

G.T. Chiang gtc25 at cam.ac.uk
Mon Mar 13 11:57:41 CST 2006

Dear All

   we are testing AG3-beta2. we install AG3 linux on Fedora4 and done some 
tests. it seems in rat, windows user can talk to windows users and mac user 
can talk to mac user as well. however, mac users can not see win users and 
vise versa. is this a bug? if we change venues server to windows version, 
this problem dispear.

   BTW, is it posiible to use AG2.4 bridge for AG3 venues server. i had 
tried, but the bridge is hanging there and no response. waht i have done is 
simply change the venue address. i could not find BridgeServer.py at Ag3. 
cna I run bridge at AG3 as well?

thank you very much!!


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