[AG-TECH] Problem with BridgeServer

Dean W. Nobles nobles at tacc.utexas.edu
Wed Mar 1 07:42:20 CST 2006

Sebastian -

I can reach your venue server, however whenever I attempt to go to unicast, I get a dialog stating 'Stream information for selected bridge not found; reverting to previous selection'.  Unicast remains selected in my venue client, but I do not see you in either VIC or RAT.


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Hi Tom!

The bridge server advertises itself using poly.fe.up.pt. As I told you, 
people from outside can see it and switch to Unicast using it.
If someone on this list has 5 minutes for this, can you please try to 
connect to my server and see if RAT and Unicast work properly?
The address is: https://silicon.fe.up.pt:8000/Venues/default
I will be always connected to the server, altough I might not be at the 
machine, but can you please check at least if both of us appear in the 
RAT window.


Thomas D. Uram wrote:

> I suspect that the bridge server is advertising itself using the internal
> IP.  When external clients try to use the bridge, what address/hostname
> appears in RAT?
> If this is the problem, you can control the IP address used by the 
> BridgeServer
> (and other AG components) by setting the GLOBUS_HOSTNAME environment
> variable to the desired address/hostname.
> Tom
> On 2/27/06 9:29 AM, Sebastian Tabarce wrote:
>> Hello!
>> I have the folowing setup for an AG Venue Server and an AG Bridge 
>> Server:
>> - the Venue Server: one machine running Fedora Core 4 and AGTK 2.4. 
>> This machine has the internal IP and the domain name 
>> silicon.fe.up.pt. This machine has linked to it the real IP address 
>> I don't know exactly what this means in terms of 
>> networking, I just asked my network admin to make my machine visible 
>> to the Internet and he told me that my machine can be seen from the 
>> Internet with this address and also by its name silicon.fe.up.pt. 
>> Ports 8000, 8002, 8004, 8006 TCP are opened for this machine.
>> - the Bridge Server is running Slackware 10 and AGTK 2.4. Same as 
>> above, internal IP is, external IP is 
>> and name poly.fe.up.pt. Ports 50000-50010 UDP are opened.
>> I've conducted some tests. On the internal network everything works 
>> fine. From outside, people can connect to my Venue Server using 
>> https://silicon.fe.up.pt:8000/Venues/default , they see the 
>> BridgeServer and can choose Unicast, however they do not appear in my 
>> RAT window and, of course, I cannot talk to them. Multicast is not an 
>> option. Also no output in the terminal of the BridgeServer for 
>> machines trying to connect from outside. For those on the local 
>> network I have the normal output.
>> Any thoughts about why the Bridge Server is not doing its job?
>> Thanks,
>> Sebastian

Sebastian Tabarce
Junior Researcher
Campus da FEUP - Rua Dr. Roberto Frias, nº 378 
4200-465 Porto  Portugal
E-mail : stabarce at inescporto.pt
Web : http://www.inescporto.pt

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