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Todd Zimmerman toddz at sfu.ca
Thu Jun 29 11:42:42 CDT 2006

As an aside, I use the Logitech QuickCam Pro 4000 also and use DKMS (dynamic kernel module support)
found here: http://freshmeat.net/projects/dkms/

DKMS takes care of automatically building/installing drivers when there are kernel updates.  _Very_

Basically, on my FC5 box with dkms installed, I just put the pwc driver source into
/usr/src/pwc-10.0.12-rc1/ , create a dkms.conf file with some details (including autoinstall) within
that directory, do a dkms add/build/install and that is it.

Now whenever there is a kernel update, the pwc drivers are automatically build/installed for that

This works really well for any system that has kernel modules you have to build.



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Chris Kendrick (VPAC) wrote:
> Hi Douglas, Piers, All
> Thanks for you feedback with regard to webcams on linux.
> In the end I went with a "Logitech QuickCam Pro 4000"
> The system setup is Fedora Core 5 with AG3 and AG2.4 installed according
> to the following tutorial by Jason Bell
> http://agcentral.org/help/tutorial/aginstallonfc5/
> To get the web cam to work i just downloaded a driver snapshot from
> http://www.saillard.org/linux/pwc/snapshots/pwc-v4l2-20060627-042701.tar.bz2
> make
> make install
> modprobe pwc or cd to the dir with "pwc.ko" and insmod -f ./pwc.ko from
> memory
> Chris Kendrick
> To get it to work i just
> On Thu, 8 Jun 2006, Piers O'Hanlon wrote:
>> Hi Doug,
>> Great to hear you're working on the code.
>>> My code is more or less based on video/grabber-v4l2.cpp from SVN UCL
>>> vic. The main issue the SVN code is that it only supports the YUYV pixel
>>> format and not YUV420 common with webcams. Ideally I want to get it to
>>> support all the pixel formats that the V4L version did.
>> Yes this true - it's something I've been meaning to fix (there was
>> some code from MASH that did a slighly better job).
>>> There were other issues with incorrectly initialised ioctl arguments
>>> with the PWC V4L2 driver and capture size.
>> Ah ok.
>>> > There are still a number of drivers in the kernel (including some for
>>> > webcams) that are still video4linux version one only - Now all video
>>> > capture devices are listed as /dev/video - one has to open the devices
>>> > and see which ones can be opened with V4L1 or V4L2 - thus the UCL
>>> > version compiles both drivers.
>>> I'm currently compiling both, but the AGTk sets the VIC_DEVICE env
>>> variable to let AG vic know which capture device it should use.
>>> So in grabber-v4l2.cpp I currently have:
>>>   #ifdef HAVE_V4L2
>>>           const char *myDev = getenv("VIC_DEVICE");
>>> and grabber-video4linux.cpp I have a ifndef version of the above.
>>> Another approach may need to be used instead of the VIC_DEVICE env
>>> variable, e.g. using the so called vic device nickname.
>> oh ok - I guess another way would be to pass and device as a common
>> line argument - or pick it up from the resources - like the most of
>> the other config stuff.
>>> > We are in the process having the AG features ported into the UCL
>>> > version of vic - either by ANL or by UCL, we also plan to integrate
>>> > work from NCHC vic - under our SUMOVER project - as mentioned by me at
>>> > the recent AG retreat.
>>> >
>>> > We would welcome any developer work on vic - we are keen to bring on
>>> > board any active developers and potentially provide commit access to
>>> > the SVN repository.
>>> I was actually going to contact you guys about merging my Mac TCL/Tk
>>> Aqua AG vic port (in ANL's CVS) to UCL vic, but haven't gotten around to
>>> it yet.
>> This would be great - we'd like to have the aqua stuff and It would
>> also be good to wrap in the video capture code for OSX (do have a link
>> to the src of that grabber?)
>> We can create an SVN account on our subversion repository if you would
>> like.
>> Thanks alot,
>> Piers.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Doug.

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