[AG-TECH] Voiceactivated Video Switching in AG3

Pedro Maló pmm at uninova.pt
Thu Jun 29 10:32:51 CDT 2006

I want to do voiceactivated video switching.
I've seen that RAT/VIC have a "coordinating mechanism", by using the LBL Conference Bus in both tools.

Voice Switching in VIC (from VIC manual):
You need VIC v.2.8 and RAT v.3.0.8 (or later), and you need to enable LBL Conference Bus support in both tools:
*) rat -lbl_channel x <address/port>
*) vic -I x <address/port>
where x is replaced by the Conference Bus channel, which is a number between 1 and 300 and must be unique for all sessions running
on your machine. 
In VIC, you must then bring up a single large participant window (by clicking on one of the thumbnail sized imaged).
On the enlarged window, select Modes
 and voice-switched. If you bring up multiple windows, it should display the last few speakers.

-I: Use the small integer channel, which must be non-zero, as the channel identifier for group interprocess communication on the
local host. This value should be consistent across each group of applications that belong to a single conference, and should be
unique across conferences. SDR will allocate appropriate values. (VIC and RAT currently use this mechanism to coordinate
voiceactivated video switching.)

I've looked into AG3 services and did not find AG using this option.
Have anyone tried it, or is people using another solution to this?

Pedro Malo.

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