[AG-TECH] Access Grid Hardware Reference

Thomas D. Uram turam at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Jun 7 17:35:28 CDT 2006

With valuable contributions from a number of persons*, the beginnings of
a hardware reference have been constructed on the AccessGrid.org site:


The front page simply lists hardware categories; clicking on a category
will display all of the hardware items in that category. 

Note that this is a community resource!  Your input will aid other users
who are building Access Grid nodes.  If you have experience with a
piece of hardware that you consider worth sharing, post a comment about
it on the site.  If you have experience with hardware that is not listed,
add an entry for it; it's a simple and quick process.  Either use 'create
content' from the navigation menu, or select the 'create a hardware item'
link on the main hardware page.

Lastly, if you have suggestions related to the hardware reference,
please don't hesitate to let us know.

Tom Uram

* The contributors who helped develop the hardware reference are:
- Many Ayromlou, Ryerson University
- Mike Miller, NCSA
- Derek Piper, Indiana University
- Jeff Schwab, Purdue University
- Cindy Sievers, LANL
- Jennifer Teig von Hoffman, Boston University

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